V2 Vollmond's Yasso (aka Kai)

IPO2, kkl1, "a1" normal, DM n/n

Born: June 6, 2010

Kai inherited his friendly, outgoing personality from his grandfather, Karo. He just loves attention. Kai's puppies have the same temperament that has come down through our breeding for years. Kai's mother, Irana, is an International Certified Service Dog and brings the gentleness and intelligence necessary for service dogs.

Kai is available for stud service to select females. Contact us for information.

Vollmond's Yasso (Kai) at 4 years

Vollmond's Kai - Head shot Vollmond's Kai - Head shot
Vollmond's Yasso (Kai) at 4 1/2 years

In spring of 2011, Kai was playing in the yard. I think he was warm from all his running and playing, because he chose the only spot in the entire yard that had any snow left. It was in the middle of a planting. He just laid there watching us.
(9 months old)
Kai took a little time off from his training to come home for a visit.
Here are some pictures of him playing around the yard. Kai is 27 months old in them.

 Congratulations Kai on earning your IPO1 title!
Here are some photos of Kai during training. (22 months old)

Kai getting some exercise. (14 months)

Kai just loves large sticks... (14 months)

…and long sticks... (14 months)

…and large branches. (14 months)

Hold on… I'm sure I can pick up that large egg! (14 months)