German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies
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Wintertime Fun!

Nelly with Wera close behind
Nelly & Wera
Madi running in deep snow!
Madi wearing a snow mask
along side Irana
Madi jumping a snow bank
Eika being stalked by Karo
Eika chashing Karo over
snow banks

Some of Our Favorite Photos

Christmas Time
(Tracey & Karo)
Halloween Fun (Tunia)
California Girl (Jordan)
Pia & Jessi laying in the sun
Draco enjoying a swim
(12 week old Fraya son)
Draco still wet after his swim
Three Perfect Angels
(Jesse, Danka, Jordan)
Kissing puppies!
(Jessi puppies)
Something is Interesting!
(Jessi and pups)
Girls, we have more beds
(Jessi & Fraya)
Christmas Love
(Emerson & Nico - a Zora son)
Nico holding his frisbee
(Zora son)
Karo is so tolerant
Handsome Laro
(Karo & Jessi son)
Father and Son
(Karo & Laro)
Karo and Eika puppy
Staying cool in the sprinkler on a hot summer day!
(Karo & Eika)
Staying cool in the sprinkler on a hot summer day!
(Karo & Eika)
Karo and Warina
Verushka relaxing in the shade
Sister's sharing
(Eika & Eclipse)
Emerson with Karo and Celine puppies
Karo always enjoys the puppies
Kai with his sister Rosie
(Thor & Irana puppies)
Fraya playing with one of her pups
Draco taking a rest
This ball is just my size!
Pia relaxing in the pool
Enjoying some love from mom
Zora keeping a watchful eye
Enjoying the cool grass
(Zora and her pup)
Neve a Karo and Eika female
Playing is hard work.
Neve taking a rest.
Karo son on his way to a
new home
I want to swim over here
Hide & Seek
(Thor and Irana puppy)
Watch me go!
(Tracey & Aiko vom Goldenen Zweig)
Feeding time
(Celine and Karo)